Our Learning Framework

Our learning framework includes two components:

Balancing the Four Quadrants of Human Essence™ and Aligning the Inner & Outer Game™.

Balancing the Four Quadrants of Human Essence™

The Four Quadrants are: the mind, body, spirit, and environment. Two are invisible and cannot be touched—the mind and spirit—and two are physical and visible—the body and environment. To become a fully integrated Teleious Leader requires one to balance all four areas to their optimum level because it is impossible to separate one from the other.

In other words, we cannot separate our mind and thoughts from impacting our body, nor can we separate the burdens of a physical body from impacting our mind. The same is true in regards to the environment or spirit; if there is an incongruency between our passion and heart’s desire or our environment, it affects the body and mind. The below illustration outlines the four quadrants.

Aligning the Inner & Outer Game™

Participants proceed through the Four Quadrants of Human Essence framework in a four stage methodology sequence which is a process of self-discovery to answer four major questions: who am I, what ails me, what is my passion and purpose, and finally, who do I serve?

Transformational Leader Four Quadrant Framework™

Shattering Constructs

A Construct is the combination of beliefs, concepts, and illusions that define a person’s identity, constrain or limit thinking, and motivate behavior. The major Constructs are socially accepted models and theories (ideological, theological, scientific, professional, cosmological, and economic). All these models and theories are useful, but incomplete. A Construct is not visible, but by their very nature impact our feelings and emotions. Constructs and the associated labels, are the source of suffering and hatred, and become one’s identity. Shattering professional Constructs is the essence of innovation and invention. Shattering personal Constructs expands personal awareness and overcomes limiting beliefs and outdated habits.