There are three major areas where participants benefit in our Transformational Leadership programs by becoming a fully Integrated Teleios Leader:

Personal Benefits

  • Living an authentic, congruent life
  • Igniting personal passion
  • Remembering one’s purpose and gifts
  • Transmuting fear into courage
  • Aligning passion, purpose, and power
  • Living with purpose and meaning
  • Improving self-esteem and personal relationships
  • Reconnecting with family
  • Increasing health and happiness
  • Consciously expanding superpowers

Corporate and Professional Benefits:

  • Leading on purpose with greater meaning
  • Improving diversity and inclusion
  • Reducing unconscious biases
  • Increasing team productivity
  • Higher retention
  • Millennial attraction
  • Improving brand appeal
  • Balancing triple bottom line
  • Appealing to impact investors
  • Contributing to social responsibility

Social and Community Membership Benefits:

  • Creating a lifelong support network of kindred spirits
  • Promoting human experience and potential
  • Creating a cadre of authentic, congruent and transparent leaders
  • Helping those in their third act of the journey to leave a legacy
  • Promoting conscious capitalism and giving back to pay it forward
  • Restoring self-determination, individuation, and personal responsibility
  • Identifying and transforming social differences