Essence Circle

The Essence Circle is intended for individual personal development and is a virtual, low cost monthly meet up to share knowledge and wisdom and provide a space for safe conversations at home or work. Hosts are provided tips and training virtually through our platform and App.

Discovery Circle

The Discovery Circle is a small group of CXO peers (~15- 30) who are collectively working together on a specific element of their Inner journey. This includes items such as authenticity, conquering fears, speaking one’s truth, enhancing intuition. The programs are typically three months.

Leadership Circles

The Leadership Circle is a small group of CXO peers (~15- 30) who meet monthly and are facilitated by a coach who guides the group through the Four Quadrants and Four Stages as it relates to their Outer professional game. The programs are typically six to twelve months.

Phoenix Circles

The Phoenix Circles are the final launch pad for Integrated Teleios Leaders. Each Circle is a peer-to-peer private network, composed a diverse group of individuals who work collectively to leverage their full purpose, passion, and power to leave a legacy. This program is one year.