All our services are directed in some small or large way to help an individual achieve the state of being a Teleios Leader.

A Teleios Leader is a person who has learned to integrate their mind, body, emotions and spirit, with environment, resulting in transformation of person, people, and place.  He or she is one who has gone through the necessary Four Stages™ to achieve the ultimate freedom and having consummated the completion of the spiritual journey, is now ready to fulfill their purpose.

A Teleios leader is authentic, congruent, and transparent; they embrace their invisible gifts and stand upon a foundation of noble values and virtues that inspire greatness. They have mastered the two worlds and are now using their unique passion and power, having balanced the Four Quadrants of Human Essence™. See the Benefits section to learn more about why you should care to become a Teleios Leader.

The Community We Serve

Our focus is on individuals who are mature leaders, some even retired, each of whom have already achieved a level of self-mastery. They have personal and or institutional power, and now seek to leave a legacy and expand their influence. Our programs are designed to rapidly scale at the lowest possible cost in order to provide leaders a curriculum for their legacy initiative.

How We Connect and Deliver

We connect to our clients in a collection of ways that balance efficiency, effectiveness, and emersion.

This includes:

  • Private coaching
  • Small group meetings
  • Emersion retreats
  • Large group conferences
  • Teleseminars and webinars
  • Multi-media tools such as podcasts, short video
  • Daily practices and methods that leverage technology

Inner Game Curriculum Topics


  • Conscious & Subconscious Mind, Power of Thought
  • Programs, Constructs, Labels, & Beliefs
  • Identifying and Flipping Tapes & Triggers (FLOPs)
  • Overcoming Self Imposed Limitations
  • Techniques & Methods to Expand Awareness
  • The Path of Wisdom Part 1: Waking Up & Growing Up in Spiritual Maturity
  • The Integrated Mind, Body, Spirit
  • The Essence of Confidence, Courage, and Faith
  • Teleios Leadership: Nurturing the Poet & Prophet Within


  • Embracing Values and Virtues
  • Realms of Consciousness & Shattering FLOPs
  • Recognizing Gifts and Superpowers
  • New Identity, Values, and Beliefs
  • Forgiveness & Atonement
  • The Essence of Authenticity, Congruency, and Integrity
  • Entering the Cave, Slaying Fears
  • The Inner Game and Outer Game
  • The Why of Ethics, Morals, and Character
  • Infinite Connections: Power of Possibility
  • Empowering Prayer
  • Law of Receiving
  • The Path of Wisdom Part 2: Waking Up & Growing Up in Spiritual Maturity
  • Fully Alive!  Developing a Portrait of Leadership

Outer Game Curriculum Topics


  • Speaking Our Truth
  • Aligning the Four Quadrants
  • The Energy Processing System
  • Balancing Body Chemistry
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit with Thai Chi
  • The Science of Yoga and Meditation
  • 12 Techniques for Managing Energy
  • Aligning the Trinity of Power, Passion, and Purpose
  • Imagining the New Way
  • Igniting Passion
  • Harnessing Powers and Gifts
  • Developing Your Roadmap
  • Aligning the Ecosystem


  • Defining the Triple Bottom Line
  • Crossing Over: Leading Intentional Change
  • Building Inclusive, Collaborative Cultures
  • The Essence of Purpose
  • Cascading Purpose, Passion and Power
  • The Innovation Process
  • Defining and Shattering the Box
  • Creating the Way Forward
  • Connecting with Others
  • Evolving the Team and Plan
  • Achieving Results
  • Creating Authentic and Congruent Communications
  • Bridging Generational Divides
  • Creating Marketing Strategies and Visual Articulation
  • Aligning Current and Future State Visions
  • Translating Visions into Action
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Creating A Safe and Brave Place
  • Embracing Ethics, Morals, and Character
  • Redefining Masculinity
  • Negotiating Peaceful Conflict Resolution
  • 5 Qualities of Remarkable Teams

Retreats & Summits

For those wanting a flyover or introduction on the frame work, we provide two to four-day small private retreats, as well as large summits. The curriculum, speakers, and programs are custom designed for each event and client.