Team & Faculty

The Messinger Group comprises a diverse set of individuals across a broad spectrum of disciplines and degrees. Our experts average three decades of experience, and have obtained multiple degrees, certifications, and accreditations in graduate and post graduate work in their chosen field. When combined, we have worked with over 200 of the Fortune 500, spanned five continents, over 50 countries, and represent the full spectrum of personal, professional, and social leadership with experience including: corporate, government, military, psychological, management, social, research, theological, and scientific realms. Collectively we address the Four Quadrants of Human Essence in the Inner Game, and cross-functional expertise in the Outer Game. Each is an award winning and highly sought-after speaker, author, or scholar.

Primary Faculty


Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger
Unleashing the Power of Possibility to Imagine A New Way


Mercedes Martin
Building Inclusive, Collaborative, Innovative Leaders and Teams


Christine Khetarpal, MSW, CLC

Imagining, Embracing, and Embarking on The New Identity

Michele King

Embracing Breakthrough Communication Strategies and Visual Articulation


Mendhi Audlin

Embracing Spiritual Disciplines for Personal and Organizational Growth Using Multimedia


Dr. Wini Curley

Catalyst for Transforming Teams and Leaders to Imagine, Embrace, and Embark on The New Way

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP

Unleashing Power Through Mindfulness


Michael Fortier, Holistic Empowered Living

Unlocking Inner-Outer Powers & Resources with Self-Care through Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine.

Andrew Brown

Pollinating and Incubating the New Way